Our Partners

In Railways Al Bahja has succeeded as registered vendors for Oman Rail and have partnered with a highly expertise and reputed UK rail infrastructure organization namely Advanced Rail Technologies Limited (www.advancedrailtech.com); that has extensive profile and contextual of many years in railways.

ART is focused on providing the international rail market with the most cost effective, state of the art equipment and solutions to improve the capacity and profitability of railways around the world. 

As a mission central to this objective ART is leading the development and successful implementation of radio based signalling and control technology using DGPS for train detection and train location. 

Advanced Rail Technologies assists and supports companies to market their niche products within the global rail market. Whilst initially this may be in the form of consultancy ART are keen to develop relationships with companies on the basis of marketing incentives, sales agreements and licenses whereby our reward is tied to promotional success supported by our judgment and expertise. 

Founded in 2005 by four senior UK railway executives, Advanced Rail Technologies is a UK-registered company that brings together a team with a high degree of proficiency in both business and functional railways skills. 

The company was formed to promote and develop advanced technology to improve the economics of rail logistics worldwide. We currently offer products in the areas of train planning, scheduling & simulation systems, and train location & control systems, including a truly low-cost track warrant system

They also provide advice and consultancy services on a wide range of rail technology issues. 

Legal Partners

Caitlin M. Hayes, Esq. is a licensed New York attorney who has a thriving international and domestic law practice.

She has extensive international legal know how, as well as social, cultural, media & marketing expertise from her varied travel and global work experiences. This resonates with clients for matters ranging from family law to indirect foreign investment.

Ms. Hayes is not your ordinary attorney. She delights in assisting companies, family offices, and individuals in their cross border transactions (both incoming into the US and outgoing abroad) and international structuring /management of assets. Her markets of interest and expertise include, but are not limited to: Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, Chile & Hong Kong. She acts as a conduit for business transactions and navigates the labyrinth of nuances that that entails, all the while advising and coaching her clients every step of the way.

Her domestic practice brings with it the posse and sophistication of an international lawyer. Real Estate Transactions, Family Law Matters, Business Advisory Services, Estate Planning & Elder Law require the commonalities of interacting with people for the benefit of her clients. The ability to transact, litigate and advise on pressing legal matters requires skills firmly established in Ms. Hayes`s extensive experiences.

With experience ranging from work in the US House of Representatives, Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), Cravath, Swaine & Moore, WorldSpace Satellite Media Company, to Human Rights Watch & The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ms. Hayes has a natural diplomatic ability to treat people with respect in pursuing the interests of her clients. Her ability to engage, redirect and smooth over dilemmas is exceptional. Ms. Hayes prides herself on building bridges and helping her clients develop successful businesses in the global economy, and to solve their domestic disputes efficiently and effectively and most importantly being an instrument of peace for those with whom she works.

She teaches, writes and lectures on choosing inner peace as most sacred responsibility, as that directly reflects in the world we live. Her trainings in this area extend to attorneys, executives and parents seeking new ideas in managing the stresses of their lives.

A purposeful attorney, Ms. Hayes has no limits achieving the results for her clients.


Our Partners